We are happy to announce that the Journal of Geosciences Research (JGSR), a bi-annually published journal by the Gondwana Geological Society (GGS), has been receiving an overwhelming response from the geoscientific community across India.

The JGSR publishes peer-reviewed high-quality articles of geoscientific research and review covering the geology, geophysics, petrology, geochemistry, paleontology-micropaleontology, stratigraphy, sedimentology, limnogeology, limnology, quaternary geology, structural geology, mineralogy, environmental geology, economic geology, petroleum geology, hydrogeology, remote sensing-GIS, planetary geology and any other allied fields of geosciences.

It is a matter of great pleasure to inform you that the JGSR has now been again recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and features at serial number 238 in the new UGC CARE list. The journal (earlier Gondwana Geological Magazine till 2015) was recognized by the UGC till May 2018. After submitting our credentials conforming to the new UGC guidelines, the Commission has accorded recognition as the JGSR fully comply all new requirements.

The present issue of the JGSR (V.6, No.1) mainly covers the review and research articles encompassing the important research findings belonging to different sub-disciplines of geosciences. We are trying to bring out the regular issues of the JGSR on time. I am glad to inform that the July 2021 issue (V. 6, No. 2) is also ready for release on 01 July 2021. This could become possible with the unstinted support from the researchers in geosciences from the different parts of our country, the reviewers, the joint editor, the editorial board members, the advisory editorial committee and the Executive council of GGS. I greatly appreciate the commitment and expertise of our learned reviewers for timely submitting their comments. Without their dedication, it would be impossible to manage an efficient peer review process and maintain the high standards necessary for a successful journal.

I am sure that with the support of the geoscientific fraternity and the timely release of the JGSR volumes, we will be able to get the impact factor and indexing of the JGSR in various national and international scientific bodies including Indian Citation Index (ICI) in the very near future. The opinion of the readers of the JGSR matters the most for us for its further improvement. Therefore, I sincerely appeal everyone to provide us their thoughtful suggestions for the future development of the JGSR.

I am thankful to everyone who has directly or indirectly helped us in releasing the JGSR issues on time. Lastly, the exceptional co-operation of the official printers of the GGS M/S Aishwarya Graphics is highly appreciated, who has been helping us to maintain the excellent quality of the publications.

Sumedh Humane


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