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Journal of Geosciences Research (JGSR) Vol. 6, No. 1 January 2021


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Role of Open Educational Resources to Support Higher Geoscience Education in India
Omkar Verma
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Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of Dioritic-Granodioritic Rocks from Bundelkhand Craton: Implications for Precambrian Crustal Evolution in Central Indian Shield  
Gargi Rai and Talat Ahmad
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Characterisation of Felsic Volcanics of Betul-Chhindwara Crystalline Complex, Central India  
A.M. Pophare, I.K. Sheikh and B.H. Raut
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Mineralogical Characterisation of Anhydrite from Charnockites: Evidence for Precambrian Saline Brine Influx in Madurai Block, Southern India
A.P. Anu-Sha, K.R. Baiju, Ashitha Anand and A.S. Sui
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Development of a Methodology for Estimation of In-Situ Rock Block Sizes from Two Dimensional Measurements Using Digital Image Analysis Technique
Bhushan D. Kuthe, Avtar K. Raina and Samaya S. Humane
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Geochemistry and Environmental Implications of Recent Sediments from a Tropical Urban Small Catchment River of Southern Western Ghats, India
A. Krishnakumar, Aditya S.K. and N. Kannan
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Grain Size Analysis of Marh Formation from Bikaner Basin, Northwest India: Implications on Depositional Environments
Ravindrasing G. Pardeshi, Shyam N. Mude and Akshay Bhalerao
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Grain Size Distribution and Statistical Parameters of Barakar and Motur Sediments, Satpura-Gondwana Basin, Central India
A.M. Pophare, B.H. Raut and I.K. Sheikh
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Ostracoda Morphometry in Deciphering the Paleoenvironment of Epipelagic to Bathypelagic Zone, off Visakhapatnam, Bay of Bengal
Mohammed Noohu Nazeer, S.M. Hussain, S.S. Salaj, Razi Sadath and N. Mohammed Nishath
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Record of Diatoms in Lakes of Amravati District, Maharashtra, India: Implications on Water Quality Changes
Pranika Chahande, Samaya S. Humane, Sumedh K. Humane and Snehal Juare
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Impact of Estuarine Environments on Benthic Foraminifera – A Case Study from Thamirabarani River Estuary, Tamilnadu
J. Christinal, V. Kumar, S. Selvaraj and T. Gangaimani
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Application of Vertical Electrical Sounding to Decipher Groundwater Potential Zones in the Bori-Chikli Watershed of Jalgaon District, Maharashtra State        
Sujit Shimpi and V.M. Rokade
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Assessment of Irrigation Water Quality of Ghatanji Area, Yavatmal District, Maharashtra
Madhuri Ingewar, D.B. Malpe, Rajshree Yenkie and B. Hazarika
Abstract  / Full Text
Significance of Statistical Methods for Generating Ground Water Level Data of Predefined Monitoring Stations in Maharashtra
P.K. Jain, Nelofar, S.K. Bhatnagar and P. Kiran Kumar
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Report : 3-Days International E-Workshop on Advanced Micropalaeontology
S. M. Hussain  


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