Morphometric Analysis of Mithmumbri – Malvan Area, Sindhudurg District, West Coast of Maharashtra, India

Home » Journal of Geosciences Research (JGSR) » JGSR Contents » JGSR Vol. 9, No. 2 July 2024 » Morphometric Analysis of Mithmumbri – Malvan Area, Sindhudurg District, West Coast of Maharashtra, India

Milind A. Herlekar1*, Prafull B. Kamble1, Arijit Chakraborty1 and Ramesh R. Nannaware2

1Department of Geology, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune-411 007(MS), India 2Department of Geography, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune-411 007(MS), India (*Corresponding Author, E-mail:


Morphometric analysis has been carried out from the Mithmumbari to Malvan area, Western part of Maharashtra in Sindhudurg district, India. The morphometric analysis is carried out in fourteen drainage basins, viz., Achra, Pyali, Golvan, Mithmumbari, Katvan, Kamtakhudi, Gavaliwadi, Kunkeshwar, Kandalgaon, Munge, Malvan, Masura, Belachiwadi and Tambalwadi. The morphology of these basins is governed by a number of drivers including tectonic processes mainly the Vijaydurg fault, Mithbav fault, Malvan fault and lineaments, climate and lithology that influence the river system over a range of timescales. The majority of the basins are highly dissected and structurally controlled. The drainage density is low, with moderate to steep slopes within the elongated basin. The Achra, Pyali, Golvan, Gavaliwadi, Kandalgaon, Munge and Malvan basins are structurally controlled. The lower values of length of overland flow in study area reveal that stream erosion is more dominant than sheet erosion. Achra, Pyali, Mithmumbri, Golvan and Malvan basins are higher stream power, which represents higher erosion of the basin indicates high river basin management measures. Achra, Pyali, Golvan, Katvan, Kamthakhudi, Gavaliwadi, Kunkeshwar, Munge, Masura, Belachiwadi and Tambalwadi basins are rapid uplift stage of the basin. The Achra, Pyali, Golvan and Kamthakhudi basins can be inferred as SSW tilting in response to tectonic tilt. The hypsometric analysis shows eight basins (Achra, Pyali, Mithmumbari, Kamtakhudi, Kunkeshwar, Gavaliwadi, Belachiwadi and Tambalwadi) under the mature stage, five basins (Katvan, Munge, Kandalgaon, Malvan and Masura)in the youth stage and one basin (Golvan) under the old stage. The mature stage drainage basins show significant incision and entrenchment as a result of the Late Quaternary upliftment of the study area. The stages of drainage basins development in the western part of Maharashtra thus identify tectonically active and quiescent phases.

Keywords: Morphometric and Hypsometric Analysis, Structural Control Basin, RS-GIS, Sindhudurg District, West Coast of Maharashtra

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