Data Mining Prior to Earth Mining: A Sustainable Approach for Mineral Exploitation

Home » Journal of Geosciences Research (JGSR) » JGSR Contents » JGSR Vol. 9, No. 2 July 2024 » Data Mining Prior to Earth Mining: A Sustainable Approach for Mineral Exploitation

Janmejaya Sahoo

Geological Survey of India, State Unit: Telangana, Southern Region, Hyderabad -500068 (TS), India


The extraction of mineral resources from the earth, in various mining forms, such as open-cast and underground mining, has significant environmental and societal consequences, both during and after mining operations. It results in habitat destruction, soil erosion, deforestation, biodiversity loss, and the release of harmful pollutants into the environment. These pollutants, including heavy metals and sulphur compounds, etc., which contaminate water sources and soil, posing a serious threat to ecosystems and human health. Despite these challenges, mining remains essential for providing raw materials to meet the needs of modern civilization, and as the global population grows, demand for minerals continues to rise, leading to increased mining operations. This intensified mining activity poses a significant threat to the planet Earth. In this context, addressing the negative effects of mining, such as mining failures, and disruptions to biodiversity, is a growing concern. Mining failures encompass a range of economic, environmental, and social consequences. A comprehensive understanding of these interrelated components is crucial for mitigating the risks and consequences associated with mining failures, as well as for developing sustainable and responsible mining practices.

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