Granulometric Analyses of Stream Sediments from Kolar River Sub-Basin, Central India

Home » Journal of Geosciences Research (JGSR) » JGSR Contents » JGSR Vol. 9, No. 1 January 2024 » Granulometric Analyses of Stream Sediments from Kolar River Sub-Basin, Central India

Swapnil N. Deshmukh and Anil M. Pophare*

Department of Geology, Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Law College Square, Nagpur- 440001(MS), India

(Corresponding Author, Email:


This paper focuses on a granulometric study conducted to investigate the sedimentary characteristics of channel sediments in the upper, middle, and lower reaches of the Kolar River Sub-basin. The study’s primary objective is to gain a detailed understanding of sediment transport by seamlessly integrating field surveys and laboratory analyses. The study investigates grain size distribution and the deposition environment in the Kolar River Sub-basin. From sediment data, statistical measures were prepared and utilized to construct bivariate diagrams and examine the inter-relationship of various parameters. The results indicate that the upper reach exhibits poor sediment sorting, while the middle and lower reaches show more moderate sorting. Skewness values indicate dominance of coarser sediments in the upper reach, finer grain sizes in the middle reach, and a mixed distribution in the lower reach. Kurtosis values suggest concentrated distributions in specific areas of the upper and middle reaches, while the lower reach displays a broader distribution. The CM plot analysis reveals distinct sediment transport types in each reach, reflecting the energy level of water transport and sediment load. This study provides valuable insights into spatial variations in sediment dynamics, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the overall sedimentary regime of the river. With this understanding, effective river basin management techniques, such as vegetative stabilization, check dam construction and prevention of excessive deposition can be implemented to ensure the sustainable management of the Kolar River Sub-basin.

Keywords: Granulometry, Stream Sediments, Depositional Environment, Sustainable Management, Kolar River Sub-Basin, Central India

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