JGSR 2020 Vol.5, No.2

Journal of Geosciences Research Vol. 5, No. 2        July 2020


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Vertical Distribution of Benthic Foraminifera and their Environmental Conditions in Marakkanam Estuary, Tamil Nadu
Lalthansangi, M.S. Gandhi and Rajeshwara Rao
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Geochemical Study of Chirimiri Sandstones of Talchir Formation, Son-Mahanadi Gondwana Basin, Chhattisgarh, India
K. Zaidi, S. Rais, Anis, A. Khan, N. Kumar and M. Singh
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Sedimentological Attributes of Kamthi Sandstones from Umrer Coalfield, Nagpur District, Maharashtra
Y.A. Murkute
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Correlation between Magnetic Susceptibility and Heavy Metal Contamination in Agricultural Soil of Jalgaon Peri Urban Area, Maharashta, India
S.N. Patil, S.T. Ingle, D.R. Yeole, D.V. Patil and B.D. Patil
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Groundwater Quality Assessment for Drinking Purpose in Aurangabad Urban City, Maharashtra, India
S.M. Deshpande, P.D. Shinde and K.R. Aher
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Prioritization of Erai River Sub-Basin Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques
B.S. Manjare, A.M. Pophare and A. Kelwade
Abstract  / Full Text
Identification of Groundwater Prospecting Zones in Morna River Sub-Basin, Central India
B.S. Manjare and A.M. Pophare
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Geothermal Resources in Gujarat as Energy Substitute
P.B. Sarolkar
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Leiosphaeridia (Acritarchs) from Talchir Formation of West Bokaro Coalfield and its Palaeoenvironmental Significance
Y.N. Jha, H.N. Sinha, R.C. Patel and K. Chandra
Abstract  / Full Text
Strategic and Critical Element Potential of Indian Carbonatites
Yamuna Singh
Abstract  / Full Text

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