JGSR 2019 Vol.4, No.2

Journal of Geosciences Research Vol. 4, No. 2        January 2019


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Petrography and Geochemistry of Granitoids from Betul Crystalline Complex, Central India A.M. Pophare, I.K. Sheikh and B.H. Raut
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Field and Petrographic Appraisal of Dykes at Kilbury Range in Kumaun Lesser Himalaya, India
Deepa Arya and Dewakar Bawari
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Petrographic Evaluation of Jhiroli Magnesite Deposit, Kumaun Lesser Himalaya, India
Deepa Arya
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Provenance and Source Rocks of Precambrian Quartz Arenites of Bhopal Area, Vindhyan Basin, Central India
R. S. Raghuwanshi and H.U. Usmani
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Palaeocurrent Pattern of Permian Barakar and Motur Formations in South-Western Part of Satpura Basin, Central India
A.M. Pophare, B.H. Raut and I.K. Sheikh
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Geochemistry, Provenance, Compositional Maturity of Mastani Lake Sediments, India
S.N. Mude, S.K. Parcha, S. Pandey and S.B. Madane
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Lineament Mapping Using Shaded Relief Images Derived from Digital Elevation Model
B.S. Manjare and A.M. Pophare
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Morphotectonics of Wan River Sub-basin Using Remote Sensing and GIS Approach
S.P. Masurkar, B.S. Manjare and N. Anusha
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Groundwater Quality in Vicinity of Umrer Coal Mines Area, Nagpur District, Maharashtra
A.M. Pophare and A.L. Sadawarti
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Morphometric Analysis of Ratnagiri Coast, Western Maharashtra, Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques
P.B. Kamble, J.U. Shinde, M.A. Herlekar, P.B. Gawali, B.N. Umrikar, A.M. Varade and S. Aher
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Book Review  
Historical Geology of India
Pradeep P. Kundal  
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