JGSR 2017 Vol.2, No.1

Journal of Geosciences Research Vol. 2, No. 1        January 2017


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Stratigraphic Simulation of Late Paleozoic Coal Bearing Cycles in Gondwana Basins of Eastern India using Continuous Time Markov Model  
Ram Chandra Tewari
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Differential Subsidence and Coal Formation in Early Permian Gondwana Sequences of Eastern-Central Peninsular India
Zahid A. Khan and Ram Chandra Tewari
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A Review of Modern Pollen-rain/Vegetation Relationship from Eastern Madhya Pradesh, Central India
M.F. Quamar
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Petrography of Coal Seams from Belampalli Coalfield, Godavari Valley, Telangana State, India
Omprakash S. Sarate
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Palynofloral Evidences from Sub-surface Sediments of Bhadrawati Area, Wardha Valley Coalfield, Central India
Omprakash S. Sarate, S. A. Kalkar and S. D. Bhute
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Morphometric Analysis of Karanja River Basin, Bidar District, Karnataka, India, using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques
S. Manjunatha, Manjunath Dalwai, Raju Sukhaye, J. Davithuraj
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Integrated Investigations of WGAMG′0 Watershed from Chandrapur District, Maharashtra for Planning of Artificial Recharge Sites
Y.A. Murkute and N.G. Oak
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Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of Felsic Meta-volcanic Rocks of Baghmara Formation, Sonakhan Greenstone Belt, Central India
S.D. Deshmukh, K.R. Hari, P. Diwan and M.P. Manu Prasanth
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Quaternary Faunal Assemblages from Purna Alluvial Basin, Maharashtra, Central India
A.M. Varade, G.L. Badam, N.G. Thakur, M.P. Tiwari, A.P. Bejalwar and S.P. Khadse
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Palaeogene Fish Otoliths from Lignite Associated Succession (Cambay Formation) Khadsaliya, Bhavnagar, Gujarat, India
Lachham Singh, Raman Patel and Rajendra Singh Rana
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Book Review  
Micropalentology, Principles and Applications
Bandana Samant
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