JGSR 2016 Vol. 1, No. 2

Journal of Geosciences Research Vol. 1, No. 2                  January 2016


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Trace and  Race Earth Element Chemistry of Lateritic Mantle in Sukinda Area, Odisha
H.S. Kale and G.G. Wadpalliwar
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Sequential Development of Microstructures in Quartzites of Champaner Group, Gujarat
Dhrumil Patel, Aditya Joshi and Manoj A. Limaye
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Petrography of Megaporphyritic Lava Flow from Belhe-Alkuti Area, Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra, India
Pradeep K. Sarkar, Devdutt V. Upasani and Vinit M. Phadnis
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Micromorphology, Geochemistry and Spatial Evaluation of Calcrete Deposits in and around Sathankulam, Tuticorin District, Tamilnadu, India
A.V. Udayanapillai, V. Perumal, J.S. Armstrong-Altrin and M. Satyanarayanan
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Active Tectonics Associated with Main Central Thrust of Munsiari Area, Eastern Kumaun Himalaya
A.K. Verma and A.R. Bhattarcharya
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Thematic Mapping and Morphometry of Chandrabhaga Watershed, Purna River Sub-basin, Maharashtra, India
Vivek M. Kale and Ashok K. Srivastava
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Design of Roof Top Rainwater Harvesting Structure for Domestic Water Supply.
B. Panigrahi and Kajal Panigrahi
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Estimation of Groundwater Level by Using Ground Penetrating Radar
A.D. Vasudeo and Y.B. Katpatal
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Sedimentological Studies of Lameta Sediments around Nagpur, Central India
Y.A. Murkute, R.P. Deshpande and G.R. Soman
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Study of Modern Pollen Assemblages to Interpret Palaeoclimate in Tropical Deciduous Forests of Chhattisgarh, Central India.
M.F. Quamar and S.K. Bera
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Heavy Mineral Assemblages of Lower Siwalik Nahan Formation, Northwestern Himalaya and Its Significance in Deciphering Provenance.
A.R. Chaudhari, Rajesh Ranga, Mahavir Singh, Vikram Sharma and Sarita Mann
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Book Review 
Singing Rocks at  Symbiosis International University Campus,  Pune
Anjan K. Chatterjee
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