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An online meeting of Executive Council of GGS was held on 4/01/2022 (7.30PM). The meeting was attended by Drs A.K. Chatterjee, P. B. Sarolkar, M.K. Roy, Amit Majumdar,  P. Kundal, S.J. Sangode, S.K. Humane, Mrs Samaya Humane, H.W. Khandare and Shri Chandra Das.  

Dr Anjan Chatterjee, President initiated the discussion wishing happy new year to all the members of GGS. The new year greetings were reciprocated by all members. Dr. P. B. Sarolkar informed that   Central University of Karnataka, conducted a seminar on “Earth and Environment in Anthropocene-ICEEA-2021”  last year. Dr. Babu Nallusamy, Asst Professor, Department of Geology, Central University of Karnataka, Kalaburagi;  informed that the Organisers of  the seminar wish to publish the presented papers in JGSR. Dr Babu  has requested GGS to publish papers  jointly with GGS in JGSR. Dr S. J. Sangode opined that  the proposal may be accepted as it would add to the credit of  GGS but the norms of JGSR must be followed.  Dr Kundal expressed that the publication may be taken keeping in view the efforts for getting impact factor, adhering to quality of publication in regular issue of JGSR.  Drs M.K. Roy and Amit Majumdar expressed that the papers may be scrutinised by GGS and only papers with good quality may be accepted for publication. They suggested that the JGSR volume may include regular papers submitted to GGS and papers selected for presentations in the said seminar. All the expenditure for publication of papers has to be borne by Dr Babu.  All the members expressed willingness to take up the joint publication on payment basis. Dr Chatterjee informed Dr Roy that some volumes of publication will be available to GGS for sale also. The editors of GGS along with members of Karnataka University will get due credit for the joint publication.

Dr Sarolkar informed that Dr Rajani Panchang, Asst Professor, Savitribai Phule, Pune University and Secretary, Palaeontological Society of India, Pune-Mumbai Chapter, has informed that the S. P. Pune University is hosting the 28th Indian Colloquium for Micropalaeontology & Stratigraphy from 15th to 17th February. Dr Panchang has requested GGS to take up publication of the proceedings of the conference as special publication of GGS. All the members expressed willingness to accept the proposal for joint publication with Pune University & GGS, following all the norms of  publication in JGSR including peer review of papers on payment basis.  All the members advised the Secretary to initiate correspondence accordingly.

Dr. S. K. Humane informed that GGS has received a letter from the Director, Atomic Minerals  Development and Research Centre (AMD), Hyderabad; for organizing a joint seminar with GGS on the Economic  and strategic mineralization in Chhattisgarh basin. 

The meeting was concluded  on vote of  thanks by Dr Khandare.

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