40th AGM of the Gondwana Geological Society will be held on 1st December 2021, 3.00 pm, at J.W. Auden Hall, Geological Survey of India, Central Region, Nagpur

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  • OnNovember 27, 2021
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Gondwana Geological Society cordially invites the esteemed members and geoscientists to a foundation day talk on “Deglaciation, climate change and Antarctica” on 1st December 2021,   3.00 pm, at J.W. Auden Hall, Geological Survey of India, Central Region, Nagpur.  Shri. Hemraj Suryavanshi, Addl  Director General and HoD, Geological Survey of India, Nagpur will grace the occasion as Chief Guest.

Gondwana Geological Society is also pleased to invite you to attend a ceremony to confer late Dr. Shrichandra Srivastva gold medal for research in Geochemistry to Dr. Abhishek Saha, Senoir Scientist,  National Institute of  Oceanography, Goa.  The gold medal will be given by honourable member of  Srivastava family.

The programme will be followed by AGM of Gondwana Geological Society.

                                                                                  Dr P. B. Sarolkar
Gondwana Geological Society, Nagpur




1. Initiation by Secretary3.00PM
2. Address by HoD GSI, CR3.05 PM
3. Introduction of the speaker3.15 PM
4. Talk by Dr. Sandip Roy3.20 PM
Vote of Thanks4.00 PM
5. Introduction of Award installation Dr. Samaya Humane4.05 PM
6. Introduction of Dr Abhishek Saha4.15 PM
7. Talk by Srivastava family Member4.25 PM
8. Handing over of Gold Medal4.30 PM
High Tea 
Meeting of GGS 
1. Address by the President4.45 PM
2. Submission of Secretary Report5.00 PM
3. Audit report by treasurer5.20 PM
4. Any other matter5.25 PM
5. Vote of thanks by Dr. Savita Chaurpagar5.45 PM

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